Connection Agreement Network Rail

Below is a list of connection models and the spd and SPM link. This section contains information on liaison contracts, including the standard link contract and the applicability of the corresponding general authorisation. A bilateral liaison agreement must be put in place for each IDNO link. All work necessary to strengthen an existing link or spd/SPM that agrees to modify the existing interconnection conditions, i.e. increase/decrease the maximum capacity of a customer, modify the corresponding tailor-made/bilateral link agreement and sign this modification by both parties Under no circumstances should a new connection or enhanced link be switched on, nor should the connection conditions be changed without a custom/bilateral signed and updated link agreement. Prior to the completion/energizing of a new link: from time to time, the parties wish to overstave their connection contract in order to transfer the rights and obligations of the connection contract from one installation owner to another. This is a default template change to do so that you can use. If you want to connect facilities to the Rail Network network, you should consider our standard connection agreement. This contract defines the rights and obligations of the parties with regard to the day-to-day operation and maintenance (including renewal) of the links between two rail networks. For Scotland, there is a separate standard connection contract. A custom connection agreement is required for any connection to HV or higher or for any location where production is installed. Link contracts may not be subject to specific authorisation to ORR if they are covered by the conditions described in our general authorisation. Contracts covered by the terms are automatically approved by us and do not need to be presented to us to go through our approval process.

Parties to such contracts should nevertheless send us a copy of the signed contract when it is concluded. To help you complete these forms, please click here for an example of a bilateral follow-up agreement concluded (COM-20-015). The corresponding tailor-made/bilateral liaison agreement must be completed and signed by both parties Form C, general authorization, bids and contracts are available for download in runway access forms, model contracts and general authorizations….

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