Cisco Hardware Maintenance Agreement

Cisco Partner Shared Support (PSS) is a convenient alternative to Cisco SmartNet. Specifically designed for customers who have integrated Cisco hardware into their IT infrastructure and have an active support and maintenance contract with a maintenance expert like us. This product includes hardware and software support with its own technicians, know-how and spare parts. In addition, we purchase software upgrade service and access to TAC support through a Cisco Partner shared support package. The Cisco warranty is expiring. We offer a wide range of service contracts for Cisco hardware outside of warranty, including spare parts and on-site work in Canada and the United States. We believe that software that sells hardware under the First Sale Doctrine is transferred under U.S. copyright. Full hardware support also for your end-of-life (EOL) devices. Among the first factors driving IT managers toward an alternative Cisco maintenance contract are costs. Third-party maintenance service providers can usually count on reducing annual support costs by at least 30%. In fact, the typical Park Place Technologies customer saves 40% to 70% on Cisco prices. Some computer stores that choose SmartNet for a set period of time – for example.

B one to two years after the purchase of equipment – will also call on Park Place Technologies. This is because we offer a „One Contract / One Contact“ function. This has many advantages: assistance in case of system failure with hardware and software support. At NetSure, our value lies in the hardware replacement of your devices. Our spare parts are quality tested and have a lower failure rate than the manufacturer. Our logistics department has a faster delivery time, with data to prove it. There will always be customers for whom costs are the only consideration, or at least the primary consideration. But when it comes to important and business-critical computer hardware, most companies can`t afford to compromise on the quality of support.

If this is the act, they risk increased downtime, performance issues, and other issues that undermine their ability to achieve business goals. In information technology, network hardware is one of the products with the longest lifespan. This is due to the fact that the requirements in this area have increased only slightly. Office switches already had gigabit ports 15 years ago. To date, the interfaces of almost all laptops and desktop pCs have not exceeded this level. Of course, there have been some increases here too, but even older routers and switches can easily meet the requirements of an ordinary business. So there is no reason to change. However, in the event of a defect, it can be difficult to find a suitable supplier for maintenance. This is because manufacturers stop producing spare parts after end of life (EOL).

For example, this moment is already reached for several devices in the popular Catalyst series….

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