Bible Verse About Prayer Of Agreement

Just as these particularly anointed prayer warriors have so much success and power in their personal prayer life with the Lord, many of these people are not known – not only by most of the flocks of the Church to which they belong, but they are not even known to their own pastors or other ministers of their Church. God keeps many of these powerful prayer warriors secret. To every pastor who truly wants the strength of God to enter the prayer life of his community – and to every member of the flock who wants to find a true, powerful, intercessive prayer warrior with whom he can associate from time to time – go to God the Father in a very sincere prayer, and ask him to show you and guide you, who are some of those anointed prayer warriors. These kinds of powerful prayer warriors can snatch great miracles from heaven, and every community should find out who these powerful prayer warriors are. I have been harassed with such painful challenges, which I realize are a consequence of what has been said above. I feel a strong attachment from the enemy who fights for members of my family. A brother is struggling with drugs. The other four, we all struggle with sexual immorality and there has been a lack of direction in our careers. We are fighting financially right now. I am currently accused of guilt that threatens the reputation I left.

The more you ask people to pray with you, the more people will pray for you that you don`t know. This is one more reason to be concrete. Tell anyone that you ask to pray with you and that you are just as specific so that the growing list of people will actually increase the faith that leads to heaven to bind or lose what you need according to Matthew 18:18. Also tell them to share your name with prayer. We must be specific to everything we pray. It also involves using the names of those for whom we pray.

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