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9. The spelling of each word is fixed at the beginning of the article that deals with it, but the figures allow derogations if they have a current pronunciation (z.B.舻െപ蓐莤艱,അടപപപാുുുുഋൂ色ത艱, അമരേത്ത色ു) confirmed or if, as in the case of the many Tadbhavams, it is by the inequalities of the Sanscritical and Dravidic alphabet (f.i.അത്ത舲, 舵ത്തി). When should you use „affect“? Below are included past and contemporary scores for the verbs affects, affection and affection that can be used as adjectives in some contexts. On this page you will get the meaning, definition and translation of the Impact in Malayalam with similar words. With (immediate) effect/effect of definition: If you say something with immediate effect or with effect of one. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations, and „effect“ examples are usually a noun, meaning a result, and usually „influence“ a verb, meaning action. English in Malayalam. Distance aɤalam 1. Width, width 2. distance. There is only one call between the bite.

T.M. aɤaluɤa. (Di.C Tc. Agal) 1. Be expanded, distant. 2) to separate, to retire; Heroes and the Mandi UR away from fear. Help me from my distress to remove the seed; Words of Dharmasamana KK. (=absent). Adistance, distances Inf. far, aside, far, withdrawn, diverted, Ch les Ragadis, R.

Call him next to him, prov at regular intervals. V. N. Separation, distance, reserve. Akala mauryan a chanakyaperike Nud. A lot of alienations. Akal aɤal T.M 1st turn of the earth lamp. 2. (?) Anger V1. Akamal aɤasmal S. (Casmal whence) For no reason, unexpected, suddenly (po.) Aka, Aka, Akai aɤa, aɤayi (Akaam 2.) = Interior of the house, room; He ate tr in the Aca yokof. That of aka=in.

The sofa. =Inamma, a nambutirie woman. Akama aɤamyam S. (Kama) Undesirable (po)) Aɤaram S. The sound or the letter A. Akaradi alphabetically, a dictionary. This is because aɤaranam S. What is without cause; I am Asht`s exhaustion for no reason.

(=aka Smal) has been inappropriately unsolidated etproked. . . .

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