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Visit to learn more about our development program and download our API documentation. does not charge a fee to integrate our application into your existing warehouse. To start, contact The marriage ended on February 2, after the, based in El Segundo, California, said it had terminated its „exclusive agreement“ with USPS, which covered two of its units, the company and Endicia, a labelling company. In an analyst interview that day, CEO Kenneth T. McBride said the decision was made after USPS refused to give up the exclusive nature of the relationship and allow to include other parcel delivery drivers. said his claims were non-negotiable, so he terminated the agreement as soon as the USPS did not give in. USPS declined to comment on this article. A spokesman for the did not respond to a request for advice. In March 2015, entered into an agreement to acquire Endicia, another Internet shipping company, from Newell Rubbermaid for approximately $215 million. [20] [21] Endicia`s products include DYMO Stamps and PictureItPostage. [20] Only about 33% of analysts who cover shares covering the company rate, shares of the equivalent of Buy, below the average buy-to-rating ratio of 55% for shares in the Dow. This is expected to change in the coming weeks, as the road digests the new USPS agreement.

On June 20, 2016, announced that it had reached a final agreement to purchase ShippingEasy, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based company that offers web-based multi-carrier shipping software that allows online merchants and online retailers to organize, process, process, process and ship their orders. agreed to acquire ShippingEasy for $55 million in cash and 87,000 shares of shares. [22] Now seems to be in a better place than in early 2019. It has a more diversified business and offers its customers other shipping services such as UPS. And he has a new USPS deal. If you plan to use our client and/or the ODBC connection, we can send you in minutes.

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