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Today, Linda Fabiani wrote to Alister Jack after announcing yesterday that there would be no Indyref2, even if the SNP were sent back by majority in next year`s Holyrood elections – calling on the UK government to re-engage in the Smith Commission. said: „At that time, no changes have been made to the employment provisions, the disability clause or the extension of the three parts of the convention on legislative approval. The first is a flagrant violation of the agreement between Smith`s parties. In October 2014, the House of Commons Political and Political Reform Committee heard evidence criticizing the Smith Commission`s timetable. Professor Michael Keating said he considered the short timetable that made bills until January 2015 unrealistic. He warned of the risk of an agreement being dissolved because there was not enough time to consider technical issues. Both Professor Keating and Professor Nicola McEwen said this was due to political pressure, with union party leaders praising the granting of additional powers and holding British general elections on 7 May 2015. [18] The man who chaired the Smith Commission on Scotland`s devolution settlement stated that the Scottish law complied with the agreement reached. After the 2014 vote, the Smith Committee met to remove new powers for the Scottish Parliament, which were later set out in the De Scotland Enterprise Act 2016. However, the inter-party agreement also states that „nothing in this report prevents Scotland from becoming an independent country in the future if the Scottish people choose to do so.“ „This would be a blatant betrayal of the promises made to the people of Scotland during and after the 2014 independence referendum.

I would be grateful if you would now confirm whether the British Government continues to respect and maintain the Smith Commission. The SNP`s Westminster chairman, Angus Robertson, said the only purpose of the Scottish law was to fully implement the Smith Commission, but argued that the bill was still „far too short.“ „I continue to do so with the number of people voting for Unionist parties, and I don`t think that number has changed in the last five years.“ The Scottish Trades Union Congress has called for the full decentralisation of income tax, many social benefits and another immigration policy. [11] The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland has drawn attention to the potential risks and additional administrative costs associated with different tax systems and tax rates. [12] Lord Smith of Kelvin also stated that the recommendation of his all-party commission on charitable power had been „fully conveyed“. He added: „This debate has shown us that Westminster has not supported the transfer of powers over tax credits, labour relations and workers` rights, as well as the sovereignty of the Scottish people. The vow was published in the Daily Record[5], one of the largest tabloids in Scotland, which also supported a „no“ vote in the referendum.

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