Food Delivery Service Agreement

Acceptance of the order by a supplier partner by the commitment of the user`s order constitutes a service contract under the Consumer Protection Act 2019 or any succession law between the user and the supplier partner in which the FDP does not participate. 3.7. Foodpanda has seven (7) days from the date of the written acknowledgment to verify goods or items delivered. During this period, Foodpanda has the right to refuse goods or goods delivered if they are damaged, defective, defective, below authorized samples or do not meet the requirements of this agreement. Foodpanda is presumed that goods delivered and goods that are not refused have been accepted. (21) „goods“: any type of personal and „food“ item within the meaning of Section 1, point 1, of Section 3 of the Food Safety Act 2006. 6.4 You must understand and accept that it may not be possible to deliver to certain sites. In such cases, Cookoo Eats will notify you and have the order or delivery cancelled at another delivery address. The reason why this clause becomes important is that in the event of further litigation, judges or arbitrators (as stated in the contract) must conclude that a specific clause for the interpretation required by an agreement is read. The FDP must report that responsibility for any violation of the Food Safety Act 2006 and the applicable standards and rules adopted there apply exclusively to the seller/owner, sellers, restaurant partners, importer or manufacturer of food products. 6.3.

If a contract between Foodpanda and its customer as the basis for this contract is terminated, Foodpanda is also entitled to cancel the remaining delivery or partial deliveries. 6.3 If you do not accept the delivery of food at the time they are ready for delivery or cookoo Eats is unable to deliver on the specified date, because you have not given proper instructions or authorizations, the food is considered to be delivered to you, and all risks and responsibilities regarding these foods will be transferred to you. Any storage, insurance and other costs associated with Cookoo`s inability to deliver are your responsibility and you compensate Cookoo Eats for all of these costs. 8.2 By accepting these Terms of Use, you agree to absolve us of any liability arising from your use of information provided by third parties, your use of a third-party website, or your consumption of food or beverages from a participating restaurant.

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