Fal Agreement

This Convention or its annex should not be construed as preventing the application of wider facilities that a State party grants or is entitled to grant with regard to international maritime transport in accordance with its national legislation or that of another international agreement. (h) the development and implementation of agreements with Stevedores and other coastal companies to ensure that their personnel with access to the vessel are easily identifiable and a list of persons to board the vessel as part of their duties is presented; and (g) the development and implementation of agreements with Stevedores and other coastal companies operating in national ports to ensure that only staff authorized by these entities are involved in the storage or loading or unloading of ships or other functions related to ships remaining in port; Passengers` luggage. Property that may contain a currency, carried for a passenger on the same vessel as the passenger, in his personal possession or not, as long as it is not transported under a transport contract or other similar agreement. The recommended practice. Contracting governments should, where possible, agree on bilateral or multilateral agreements to accept official identity documents rather than passports. Security measures. measures developed and implemented, in accordance with international agreements, to improve safety on board ships, port areas, facilities and goods moving through the international supply chain to detect and prevent illegal activity. – boardings and disembarkations must, as far as possible, be counted by the ship`s crew or after consultation with the ship`s captain by others; The recommended practice. A transit passenger who continues his journey from the same port in the same vessel should normally be temporarily allowed to disembark during his or her voyage to port, if he wishes. – access points to the ship should be kept to a minimum and properly secured; The recommended practice. Authorities should encourage dock and/or deposit owners to set up special storage facilities for cargo at high risk of theft and to protect areas where cargo must be stored temporarily or in the long term prior to local transfer or delivery prior to access of unauthorized persons.

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