Deferred Payment Agreement Attendance Allowance

The implementation of a deferral of payment should not last more than 12 weeks. The value of your home is ignored for the first 12 weeks after moving into care. The agreement should therefore be ready for the time you start participating in the fees. In accordance with Section 35 of the Act, the local authority has the authority to offer a deferred payment agreement to people living in residences (formal systems) if: This can be a difficult and confusing time, and we strongly recommend that you receive independent financial advice before entering into an agreement. If the contract is terminated, we must pay the full amount owed. If your partner, dependent child, parent over 60 or someone who is sick or disabled still lives in your home, that is not part of your estate. So you don`t need to use the property that is attached to your home for care and you don`t need a deferred payment contract. The allowance gives you enough money to pay the cost of receiving your home, such as: If an increase is not paid, we can ensure that the resident is transferred to an alternative retirement home that can meet the individual`s needs and if the fees do not exceed the personal budget value. A deferral payment contract is an agreement with the local authority that allows people to use the value of their homes to pay the cost of care homes. We have a legal obligation to refuse to defer additional care costs beyond the capital limit. However, interest can still accrue beyond this point and dpa fees can still be added to the deferred payment. There may also be circumstances in which we may decide not to defer the additional costs to you under the deferred payment contract, although this does not allow us, in such circumstances, to request reimbursement.

If you can`t afford a foster home fee and don`t want to sell your home (or find it difficult), a deferral of payment can be a useful option. A deferral payment contract is a long-term loan that you can apply to your local authority if you own your home (except Northern Ireland). To participate in a deferral payment system, your parent must/must: In Northern Ireland, there is no formal system of deferred payment agreements. However, it is still worth asking your local health and social security company if they could facilitate this type of agreement. If the rental income added to your other income covers all or more than your retirement home expenses, you can rent your property without the need for a deferral of payment. The deferred payment contract means that after the municipality is reimbursed, less money will remain from the sale of your home.

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