Canvas Service Level Agreement

This application will help both parties agree on the contract implementation date, supplier and customer location, website or network volume, description of service requirements and services provided, and service provider response. The basic metrics used in availability for location, power supply or network must be recorded and an appropriate solution time for support requests must be defined. Service credits are often issued to the customer based on network outage, electricity or location time and recurring monthly charges. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) application provides a customer and service provider with a clear understanding of the terms of the contract. Introduction The following technical support („technical support“) is provided by riskCanvas Holdings, LLC (a package of „riskCanvas,“ „we,“ „ours“ or „unser“) as part of annual subscriptions paid to customers (together „customer,“ „you“ or „yours“) for the technical support of the riskCanvas product („product“) under the terms of your applicable agreements with riskCanvas. Engage in technical supportIf you have a problem that you cannot solve alone or using one of the self-service resources provided, your support contact can contact riskCanvas technical support to record a case for your problem via email, phone or online case registration portal. You have direct access to the riskCanvas technical assistance portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, with the exception of scheduled or unscheduled maintenance hours, to report service problems. In the event of a failure of SL1 or SL2 (as described below), riskCanvas will immediately apply additional technical resources to the problems. Changes to the GuidelinesIn this section, riskCanvas reserves the right to amend this Directive without notice. If we change this directive, we will change the aforementioned date. We recommend that you review this policy from time to time.

If we substantially change this directive, we will try to inform you of these changes by email or by publishing a notice on this site. riskCanvas should not significantly reduce the services provided or modify service level responses without explicit written confirmation from the customer. Service Credits for Missing Hosted Services SLA We will make economically reasonable efforts to meet or exceed the above ALS. In the event that the total annual availability does not meet 99.9%, you will receive a single service credit equal to 5% of the annual fee for hosted services for a tenth percentage point missed by the ALS.

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