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Once you and your co-founder have laid the ambitious and philosophical foundation for your startup, it`s also the perfect time to determine what type of work environment best complements your startup`s vision. Delay in managing disunity or disappointment This type of shareholder pact can be negotiated and signed between the founders even before the company is founded. Startup creators should own all IP assets in writing to avoid costly claims filed, among other things, by patent rolls and companies trying to copy your business model. For the creation of a new business, assigning the company all the relevant intellectual property is a proven method. There are two types of IP allocation agreements to consider: Startups is the world`s largest start-up platform, helping more than 1 million startups find top-notch customers, financing, mentors and training. However, don`t just give value on the rental amount and ignore other terms of the agreement. It`s a rookie mistake. In the start-up phase, the shareholders` pact will be used primarily to address the fundamental issues relating to the relationship between the founders, starting with their participations, contributions, commitments and roles, commitment to the company, vesting rules, etc. If they see discrepancies, they will either make changes in the final document or they do not invest at all in your start-up. However, if all goes well, they will board there and you can continue the negotiations.

Failure to plan ahead: no restrictions on the transfer of interest for the death, disability or departure of a founder. The non-inclusion of restrictions on the portability of corporate interests is another critical error, often noted in shareholder agreements. Each founder makes a special Skillset and a unique contribution to the business, which is often difficult to replace, and other entrepreneurs must be careful about who they can get ownership of the business. Without the corresponding restrictions, other founders may face unwanted and uncooperative third parties. To avoid conflicts between the founding parties, all co-founders should sign a comprehensive enterprise agreement.

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