United Airlines Agreement With Pilots

United Airlines pilots on Monday approved an agreement that will allow 2,800 of them not to get their ass kicked if Congress does not extend a wage program established under the Cares Act. The agreement was ratified by 58% of the pilots who voted for it. If members agree to the conditions, the airline will not dock pilots until June 2021. Most aviation union workers, whose jobs are being cut, have rehiring rights – usually no management and administrative staff. United started the year with 96,000 employees, 84% of whom were represented by unions. Despite these record-breaking declines, Boeing has tried to spread some optimism in its latest 20-year aerospace forecast. One of the consequences of Boeing`s forecasts is that some airlines have tried, until recently, not to provide pink skids to thousands of pilots a few weeks ago, as a result of painful measures such as early retirements and long absences. Interesting: while airlines are reducing flights, Southwest is adding two new hot weather destinations The agreement, which will be put to the vote of the full membership this month, gives older pilots with more than 10 years of experience the opportunity to use other options for premature separation and adds restrictions to regional airlines. It also provides triggers for wage increases when passenger demand returns. Under the agreement, existing hours will be distributed among the pilot group, meaning that most pilots will temporarily work fewer days and earn less money. But the deal ensures that United`s 13,000 drivers keep their jobs, Insler said. The Air Line Pilots Association has informed members of the agreement, which is expected to be ratified by pilots. The LOA prevents a United pilot from being flown until at least June 2021.

The agreement also proposes a second round of options for early separation for all pilots aged 50 and over with 10 years of experience and reduces or ends the effects of the reduction in temporary work on the basis of a resumption of passenger demand or other market factors. The agreement reached earlier this month by union negotiators provides for a new chance for pilots over 50 pre-retirements. About 94% of United pilots took part in the ratification vote. Pilots have specific training requirements that make it more difficult and time-consuming to bring them back, which has given the pilots` union greater influence in negotiating an employment savings contract. ROSEMONT (ILL.) – United Airlines pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int`l, (ALPA), have voted in favour of the Pandemic Recovery Agreement (LOA) with United Airlines management. The deal takes on United`s 13,000 drivers and removes the previously announced 2,850 Furloughs. The top third of pilots, for example, would take a 10% reduction in the minimum amount of flight they guarantee each month, but be able to take overtime, said one person. In March, U.S. airlines received $25 billion in wage assistance under Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) and called for a six-month extension to protect tens of thousands of jobs at risk when this month`s first cycle expires. „This [provisional] agreement underscores our commitment to all 13,000 United pilots and represents the importance of the creative solutions needed to mitigate the mass layoffs of our pilots,“ said Todd Insler, president of the airline`s pilots` union. The deal will allow United to reduce the number of employees it will reach Thursday to less than 12,000 without congressional assistance, the company said.

United, which employs 79,000 people, received $5 billion in president Trump`s first coronavirus aid plan signed in March. The contract letter signed by the union and the airline prevents pilots from arriving until June 2021. In addition, the agreement creates a second set of „separate“ options for pilots over 50 years of age with 10 years of experience.

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