Tri-Agency Agreement On The Administration Of Agency Grants And Awards By Research Institutions

The appropriate agency is responsible for approving these applications. Applications are only considered if the fellows retain the right to maintain their grants under the „Continuous Eligibility“ section. This section provides additional guidance for McGill`s research administrators for the financial management of Tri-Agency grants. It is important to have rigorous financial management procedures in place to ensure accountability, respect and accountability of the public funds that will be received from the Tri agency. A secondary management body can then transfer some or all of the transferred funds to an eligible member of the grant team who is in another institution (third governing body), provided that the primary management institution allows it in the agreement between the primary management body and the secondary management body. Therefore, when transferring all or part of a recipient`s resources, the secondary management institution must ensure that there is a deferred credit management agreement with the Institute of Higher Education Administration. In addition, program and funding options, as well as all relevant agency agreements, should be reviewed to ensure that such transfers are authorized. Collections of animals, crops, plants or plants or archaeological objects of scientific value, collected by an authorized representative who receives grants, are the property of the institution. These collections must be maintained in the confidence of the research community, which should have appropriate access to them. These collections should be deposited as quickly as possible in an appropriate repository.

The parties recognize the importance of diversity, equity and integration in the implementation of research and research training activities, as well as research funding opportunities and policies, and are committed to promoting fair practices and eliminating systemic bias. Give the reasons why a trip was necessary for the research. Write all the acronyms. Eligible administrative agencies may, through the Research Support Fund (RSF), receive a supplement from the Canadian government to help cover some of the indirect costs associated with the management of Agency-sponsored research. Examples of indirect costs covered by the programme can be found on the RSF website. Research-related activities should be spent in the hospitality and restaurant sector, as hospitality can serve as a forum to facilitate and contribute to the achievement of research objectives. Hospitality is permitted for networking purposes as part of a formal courtesy between the fellow and visiting researchers (e.g.B. fellow meetings with partners, stakeholders, visiting researchers). Agencies will regularly review the use and management of management agencies` grants to assess the effectiveness of internal policies, systems and controls and to ensure compliance with relevant agency requirements.

The management bodies are responsible for making available to the relevant body the final Form 300 for all grants that have expired.

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