Terminal Funding Agreements

DELIVERY: transfer of ownership or ownership of a natural company, company, company or other entity to another legal company in the execution of contracts entered into in exchange meeting all the necessary requirements of that exchange. CERTIFICAT: issued by an insurance company under a single category of premiums or final financing annuity. While the insurer issues the group contract to the plan sponsor, individual certificates are issued to project participants. The certificate contains all the performance rules to which the participant is eligible. Group retirement contract ENT-02 1406 and group retirement certificate ENT-02 1406 ICERT, ENT-02 1406 DCERT Western – Southern Life`s PensionAssist® is a group annuity of the Western-Southern Life Assurance Company. The sums paid are paid into the general account. Insurance risks, financial and contractual obligations and annuity support functions issued by the Western-Southern Life Assurance Company are the responsibility of the issuing insurer. Payment obligations or guarantees depend on the insurer`s ability to pay damages. The characteristics of the product may vary depending on the landers. Not available in Massachusetts. The information provided on products and services is not intended to replace agreements relating to these products or services. PLAN TERMINATION: The company`s objectives, financial restructuring or a change in philosophy in the implementation of contemporary employee plans can lead to the termination of a plan by its sponsor.

In this complex process, a lot of planning and decision-making is required. Wealth and accountability studies must be conducted in-house to determine funding capacity. The sponsor must ensure with the PBGC that all promised pension benefits are met. The PBGC will then issue a „strength communication“ that the plan will be properly funded. Final funding pension offers must be solicited to determine the cost of providing guaranteed benefits. DEPOSIT ADMINISTRATION CONTRACT: As a general rule, an annual premium financing contract with an insurance company in which an unassigned account is held for plan participants. Annuities are then purchased for plan members when they retire. BETA COEFFICIENT: Measuring relative volatility.

Beta is the covariance of an investment versus a particular index. A higher beta indicates greater volatility in a given investment than the overall market.

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