Teamviewer License Agreement

Changes to this agreement must be made in writing. Oral agreements are not considered valid. 5.) Then launch the demon with sudo teamviewer –daemon–start or restart if required sudo teamviewer –daemon restart For the operation of 365.retail, you need a fully functional Microsoft system and at least one user license with admin rights. This Microsoft CRM user license is used for 365.retail to perform functions and operations. It can be used simultaneously by customers for other purposes. You can then run TeamViewer with the sudo teamviewer command and remove the shell control process, but it still leaves it connected to the terminal. Contextual warnings are generated automatically and can only be deactivated by assigning an appropriate TeamViewer license to your device or TeamViewer account. My question is: how do I accept the Teamviewer license agreement from /under the console at the first launch? 365.retail is „named“ per user. Therefore, the number of users who use all or part of the function is relevant. Contains 15 licensed users, allowing 1 user to log in remotely at the same time.

For universities and schools, we offer education licenses. As an alternative to buying 365.retail, it can be subscribed. To this end, the customer organizes a subscription. Software subscription licenses can then be used with a Microsoft CRM host in Microsoft CRM online or in an On Premise environment at the customer`s own. Subscription licenses can be combined with acquired Microsoft CRM licenses. There must always be at least 3 license subscriptions. The minimum duration of the subscription is 12 months. Billing is monthly in advance. At the end of the minimum term, the subscription and individual amount of the subscription seats can be terminated at any time by a written notice of 3 months from the end of the month. Termination letters, faxes or emails are valid forms of correspondence.

In the event that a license subscription is terminated, the customer is required to pay the balance of the term of the subscription contract, one month after the termination date. The customer then obtains a valid license until the end of the contract term. I wrote the same question to Teamviewer support and received such a response: 365.retail is allowed per user within a Microsoft CRM organization. The number of users who use all or part of these functions is relevant.

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