St John Of God Enterprise Agreement Vic

Cabrini Health members have yet to finalize the draft claims report submitted on October 16. The current agreement expires on October 31. 7 (i) hours (paragraph 16) (ii) annual leave (point 34) iii) parental leave (point 38) (iv) Flexible work options (point 46) the plan meets the actual needs of the employer and guardian with respect to 1 or more of the points covered in paragraph; and the agreement is actually agreed by the employer and guardian. (2) The employer ensures that the conditions of individual flexibility are applicable: (d) to questions authorized under the Fair Work Act 2009; and are not illegal provisions under the s194 of the Fair Work Act 2009; Ensure that, on the whole, the tutor is better than the tutor if no agreement is reached; and must be documented in such a way as to allow for an audit under the Fair Work Act S482 (3) where the employer wishes to obtain such an agreement with a guardian, the guardian is notified of his or her right and has an appropriate opportunity to contact the Union or another representative and seek representation. (4) Any disagreement resulting from the application of this sub-clause must be resolved in accordance with item 51 – Dispute Resolution Procedure of this agreement. (5) In order to avoid any doubt, the provision of information on the Union in accordance with this sub-clause does not mean that the Union must approve or approve the individual flexibility regime. (6) The employer ensures that the individual flexibility regime is put in place in writing; and contains the name of the employer and guardian; and is signed by the employer and guardian and, if the guardian is under the age of 18, it is signed by a parent or guardian of the guardian; and contains details on: (i) ii) (iii) the terms of the enterprise agreement that are amended by the agreement; and how the agreement will vary the effect of the conditions; and how the caregiver as a whole will feel better about the terms of employment as a result of the agreement; and indicates the date on which the agreement begins.

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