Section For Hire Purchase Agreement

(6) The Main Act, the Hire-Purchase Act 1954 and this part of the Act act, act in respect of a contract entered into at the request (express or implied) of the tenant or purchaser in connection with a lease-sale or credit repurchase agreement, in order to compensate the owner or seller for any loss that may be incurred in respect of that contract. , as they take effect with respect to a contract. , which is requested to ensure the performance of the obligations of the tenant or buyer arising from such an agreement. (7) In this section and in the next section, „the first legal copy“ is the copy of the document (in the form in which it is in the relevant period) that is provided in accordance with point (ii) or, as referred to as referred to as point iii), section 2, paragraph 2, point e) or section 3 ( paragraph 2, point (d) of the main law. (a) for the payment of one or more payments due under the pre-lease agreement. (a) for the payment of one or more payments made under the pre-action lease-sale, or (5) if the tenant has the right to terminate the contract under a lease-sale agreement to which the principal law applies or if the purchaser has the right to terminate the contract that is not subject to termination in accordance with Section 4 of this Act. , anyone who has conducted previous negotiations is considered the enforcement assistant of the owner or seller. , if necessary, for the purpose of receiving a notification of termination of the contract (no termination) which is notified by the tenant or buyer. (b) subsections 1 to 5 of this section appear as if the deceased had not died and any reference in these subsections to the delay of an amount to be paid by the tenant must be interpreted accordingly.

(a) the agreement contains a statement and provision that the condition set out in point 1 (d) of this section is excluded for these goods and (3) If a guarantee contract relating to a lease-sale agreement to which the main law applies or to a credit sales contract to which this Law applies is in effect, and the final payment has not been made under that agreement , any person entitled to claim the surety contract must, within four days of receiving a written application for the deposit, and the surety has offered him the sum of 2s. 6d. for the costs, to provide the surety with the documents indicated in the next subsection. (b) a declaration which must be included in the form amended by Section 5 of the Main Act, in accordance with the provisions of Section 2, paragraph 2 or 2, of the Main Act, where the goods have been leased under a tenancy agreement to which the main law applies and the landlord asserts a right to recover the possession of one of the goods by the tenant before a third of the rental price is paid or, in accordance with Article 11, paragraph 1, of this Act, the appeal must be brought before the district court in which the tenant resides or carries out his business activities or, at the time of his last payment, resides or has been maintained under the tenancy agreement. 7. Without prejudice to the application of the definition of „lease“ in section 21, paragraph 1 of the main law, any reference in that part of the law to a document constituting a lease-sale or credit contract must be interpreted as having a reference to a document that, together with one or more other documents, , constitutes such an agreement. which, if executed by another person or on behalf of another person, would constitute such an agreement, must be interpreted accordingly.

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