Sample Wellness Coaching Agreement

I agree to use DeeAnna Nagel`s Intuitive Wellness Coaching services with DeeAnna`s full understanding of coaching and advice and is in no way responsible or responsible for my choices, results, health, career or success. I also agree to keep DeeAnna Nagelet free of responsibility and responsibility for undesirable situations, including slip-ups and falls, that result directly or indirectly from a circumstance, place, advice or advice/support given at a private meeting or in a coaching context. I have also read this service agreement and agree to respect the terms and conditions and confirm receipt of my own copy of this agreement. Second, there is a good chance, what your coach needs in their agreement, will be (at least slightly) different from what you need in yours. With this agreement without confirmation that it protects even you and your company is not what we want to do! What do you need in your customer or contract contract? While I am aggressive against you to design your own arrangement, (you can get your model HERE) I want you to understand what needs to go in one, so that if you have your contract, which was designed by a lawyer, understand the important parts, and you can make sure that everything is finished on your end, and you are ready to sign the clients. When it`s time to pay for the new client, most coaches and consultants know they need something to validate the deal, a kind of contract that includes how much he`s been paid, what he gets, what you hum and what happens when things go wrong. But what most people don`t know is that you can`t just look for a „contract“ on Google, copy/paste a few items and expect it to be a legally binding agreement that actually says everything you need to protect your individual business based on your individual offerings. Some meetings are organized by phone or internet. You, the client, agree to respect the confidentiality of all information provided to you by other coaching clients and your coach. It is understandable that progress is often improved when clients discuss their coaching relationship with trusted colleagues and friends. You may have these discussions with trusted colleagues and friends, but you agree not to share any information that would allow other members of the group to be identified. You need a client agreement, designed by a lawyer, especially for you (or a validated model to protect your business) that knows the field of online coaching and consulting.

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