Sales And Purchase Agreement Diesel

2 GOODS agreements are fuel oil, diesel diesel oil, lubricating oil or other products defined in previous fax/fax/email confirmations or by agreements. TELEX/FAX/E-MAIL CONFIRMATION The buyer`s or customer`s communication to the seller by telex/fax/e-mail, for the purpose of purchasing goods, is the offer to purchase and the invitation to the requirement. Against this offer, the seller makes a counter-offer by telex/fax/e-mail and this is the counter-invitation requirement. If the counter-offer is confirmed by the offer of people by telex/fax/e-mail, the contract is considered concluded. Confirmation by telex/fax/e-mail also indicates the name of the ship that is operated by goods, the date and place of destination; The description and quantity of goods; The location and date of payment The amount and fees to be paid payment currency and other issues. Execution date: the date on which the seller and buyer receive their respective copies of this contract or, as stated in the agreement. 16.1 This agreement contains the entire agreement reached between the parties with respect to the proposed transactions and can only be amended by a written agreement. Any prior written or oral agreement is considered to merge and are replaced by this agreement. STANDARD CARBURANT SALE CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS DEFINITIONS AGREEMENTs means the STANDARD fuel Sale CONTRACT concluded between the parties. Below mentioned in the form of an agreement .

PARTIES SELLER Kaynar Sanayi ve Dis Tic Ltd Sti is mentioned in the agreement as a seller. ACHAT The master of the vessel is referred to in this agreement as a BUYER as a representative on behalf of and on behalf of marine oil-fuelled equipment. CLIENT: the ship`s equipment or its tenant, which is operated by goods; Other persons who may act on behalf of and on behalf of the equipment manufacturer or tenant (administrator, partner, shareholder or assistant); Equipment or rental agency, real estate agent; the super-seller who enters into the contracts for goods services to the ship and entrusts the execution of the goods to the seller.

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