Rebate Agreements In Sap Sd Tcode

Payment method: Shows the standard method for paying the amount of the discount to the debiteur. For example, it could be a credit or a cheque, etc. To view the updated discount limits in the discount agreement, select the conditionality rate managed in the agreement and select the „Payment Data“ symbol. Once you`ve made your discounts, you`ll have to pay the discount. For discount types, we assume „delimitation keys“ and „account keys.“ The demarcation key (URE) allows the system to reserve deductions from each applicable invoice on the corresponding in-kind accounts. Thus, we can establish partial counts until the total amount of the rebate is paid to the customer. The reduction configuration process in SAP SD consists of ten steps: Material delivery: It allows packaging kits for a flow/material and uses a quantity-based calculation. In the pricing procedure just above the net value of the item, we specify a sub-total basis for „discounts“ by indicating the value „7“ for the „sub-total“ field that updates the discount base in the „KOMP“ table and the „BONBA“ field. 8.

Now use VF01 to create a discount credit by typing and storing the credit requirement number. Note: The „B3“ billing type is the same as „G2.“ Apart from that, for the „Discount Count“ section, we specify the value „C“ (partial compensation for a discount agreement). Payment procedure: Whether the rebate should be paid up to the anticipated value or if there is no limit to manual payment. To set up the discount, we will activate the discount in the next 3 areas. There are improved margins due to current discount and price calculations. Final count: Here we must indicate the „B1“ file to create Belegra`s discount credit requirement, while the final tally is final to the debitor. Path: SPRO—> Sale and distribution—> discount processing account—> technology for processing discounts. Configuration-4: Group condition type. The package group indicates the types of discounts to use for the discount agreement.

To set up this guy, go ahead; B. Enter your reduction conditions. Don`t forget to enter the demarcation rate here. A discount is a financial payment that encourages an organization`s revenue growth to increase. This is a payment from a seller to a buyer after the buyer has purchased goods in an agreed location, quantity or value of the seller. The discount is based on the volume of debitor sales over a certain time. b. for billing (in the IMG > billing > processing of rebates > active processing of rebates > selection of billing statements for the processing of rebates. 1.

First, discount treatment for rebates should not be paid until the end of the delivery contract term. Thus, the system tracks all billing documents (bills, credits and invoices) that are relevant to the processing of discounts in SAP SD. The system automatically reserves demarcations. By creating limits, you`ll get an overview of the cumulative value of the discount. In a standard system, four types of discounts are available. They are: A discount agreement defines the details of the discount.

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