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In a previous article, I explained the difference between good and good in French. You have to understand to tell the difference between Better and Better. Note that best is used with the verbs of being and other copernics (State-of-being) unless you compare a name overall, in which case you need Best. Think again about whether Good or Good would be used to decide if you need or Better Better. In the following sentences, add these words. Don`t forget to tune better. Like Good and Good, Better and Better can be confusing for French students. The best is the comparative and superlelle shape of the adjective good (well), while the comparative and superlell shape of the adverb is good (well). In English, there is no difference between Better and Better, hence the confusion. Learn French > French courses and exercises > the French test #6915 > Other French exercises on the same theme: Advsens [Change theme] > Similar Tests: – Well, trs or too – Time markers – Trs / many – Adverbs of time – Adverbs de Manier – Adverbial adjektivives – Adverbes en -ment, -emment, -amment – Adverbs – Adverbs in -ment, -emment or -amment > double-click on words you do not understandBe /better (s) / Best is an adverb. It`s the comparison of good. In general, use Better if you compare names and better to change verbs. Therefore, whenever you use good/good (good), you will use better, and when you use well, you will use better! Best is an adjective.

That`s the good comparison. It agrees with the name it changes: better (plural male) / better (fminin) / better (plural fminin) In fact, Better and better are nothing but irregular comparative forms of Good and Good. The decision to need Better or Better is essentially a matter of choice between Good and Good, but in a comparative or superlative construction. Good and good are often disoriented because they have similar meanings and can be adjectives, adverbs or names. Since they are both translated as „better“ in English, you need to be able to know if you are using the adjective (good/good) or adverb (well/well) to know which word to choose (best and better): in French, use the good adjektiv and its best comparative if:1. Test yourself with these free exercises on good/best, good/better! Get Worksheet In French, superiority comparisons will also be irregular; We`ve got better and better. Good (good), bad (bad) and better (better) adjectives are irregular when they become adverbs.

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