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The Information Technology Agreement is a multi-lateral agreement to remove tariffs on certain information and communication technology (ICT) products. ITA covers a wide range of ICT products, including computers and computer devices, electronic components such as semiconductors, computer software, telecommunications equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and computerized analysis tools. To date, 82 WTO members are members of it, representing 97% of the world`s trade in ICT products. You can also visit the following websites for more information about ITA: The homepage of the WTO Information Technology Agreement allows U.S. computer product exporters to get more information about the agreement. Figure 2 Expansion of the ITA: Estimated Value of Trade covered by the Agreement, per Member, 2011-2013 At a meeting held on 24 July 2015, almost all participants agreed to extend the products covered by the Information Technology Agreement by removing tariffs from an additional list of 201 products. Annual trade in these 201 products is estimated at more than $1.3 trillion per year and now accounts for about 7% of total world trade. The new agreement includes next-generation semiconductors, semiconductor manufacturing devices, optical lenses, GPS navigation devices and medical devices such as magnetic resonance imaging devices and ultrasound scanners. 1 Exports of participants in the ITA enlargement negotiations. Excluding intra-EU trade and re-exporting from Hong Kong, China. Source: UN Comtrade (ITA enlargement, report above), WTO Secretariat (all other product categories) Chart 5 ITA-Extension: MFN`s applied obligation on products covered by the agreement The Information Technology Agreement (ITA) was concluded by 29 participants at the Singapore Ministerial Conference in December 1996. Since then, the number of participants has increased to 82, or about 97% of the world`s trade in computer products.

Participants pledged to eliminate the tariffs of the computer products covered by the agreement altogether.

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