Custody Agreement When Parents Live In Different States

If a child care or education order is violated by a parent, it may be imposed in the condition of a parent. A court that imposes the order may be different from the court that has jurisdiction to amend the order. What if I can`t afford half the transport if he lives abroad? For school-age children, parents and children (including the most remote) can enjoy some daily activities, such as the . B to watch a joint TV show or sporting event, planning ahead. Parents and children can talk about the show or sport over the phone during or after the event. Even sharing the experience of watching the moon or the stars while phoning, instant messaging or SMS, can be a special tradition. The development of an educational plan can be overwhelming, especially when parents are in different states. Beth`s question: My son-in-law lives with us, his mother is in a different state and his visit is „as agreed.“ The court document says they gave him all the mi. A call is granted at night – do we have to provide the phone to call or can we have him send a prepaid phone? Question: my ex lives at four and a half hours from here. I am the parent parent parent, and the only visit described in our divorce decree is that he will have a „reasonable“ visit.

Because he left our daughters (4 and 7 years old) alone in his studio apartment during his departure, they will no longer sleep in his house. Now he comes here to visit, but has not taken precautions for another place to take the children, so they spend long hours being hanged outside. I think it is reasonable to say that he can see her once a month for an entire weekend and that he can secure a hotel room for this visit. Is that a reasonable expectation? It seems that he has a responsibility to provide them with a safe and comfortable place to visit them. Question from Valerie: my ex has left the state and now wants me to have paid for her trip with the children and that I have taken the preparations for the trip. Is this considered appropriate and can I be punished if I refuse? He doesn`t support us financially.

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