Broward College Collective Bargaining Agreement 2017

14 No anonymous letters or anonymous material should be included in the personal file. Any document in a faculty member`s file is consistent with the college`s mission and is not contrary to university policy, including collegial guidelines on justice and non-discrimination. Documents relating to work, discipline, suspension or dismissal should be recognized by the faculty member, reduced to the letter, signed and dated by an appropriate college official. These documents (excluding annual assessments) should not be included in the personnel file unless they have been reduced to the letter by human resources within 90 calendar days of the completion of the review of the facts reflected in the material. If the faculty member refuses to recognize such documents, the administrator of the appropriate college must indicate it on the material. The faculty member`s signature on a copy of the material to be submitted is proof that these documents were given to the faculty member, understanding that such a signature only means receipt and does not necessarily indicate consent to the content. No equipment more than 10 years old is valid for use in disciplinary, suspension or dismissal. On request, faculty members are allowed to review the contents of their personal files. Faculty members have the right to respond to all documents in their personal file and responses must be attached to the file copy.

The Human Resources Department provides the member of the Faculty proprietary Rights COPYRIGHTS, PATENTS – ROYALTIES – The College supports and encourages its faculty, On written request, a sentence or part of it, to set up a series of personal files each year of the member of the Faculty proprietary Rights COPYRIGHTS, PATENTS – PATENTS – ROYALTIES – The College supports and encourages its faculty to develop and publish scientific and creative works and educational materials and products/intellectual property that can be subject to copyright or patents and generate licensing revenues. Such activities expand expertise, provide creative role models for students and bring recognition to the university. These developments may include the use of the college`s time and resources. The following policy therefore defines the rights and obligations of all parties involved. The policy is intended to cover the relevant activities of all full-time and non-teaching faculties. MATERIALS SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT AND BREVET In general, copyrighted documents and patents are divided into main categories for discussion: books, study guides, television scripts, articles, lectures, artwork, logos, graphic designs, musical arrangements and compositions, dramatic compositions, tests and other relevant materials that are generally covered by copyright. Technological materials such as computer programs, computerized multimedia discs, including video discs, CD-ROMs, etc. and television-related materials such as 10 negotiations on the first collective agreement (CBA) between the United Faculty of Florida – State College of Florida (UFF State College) and the State College of Florida at Manatee-Sarasota (SCF).

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