Aws Govcloud Service Level Agreement

ITAR is the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, a series of U.S. government regulations that control the export and importation of defense-related items and services on the U.S. Ammunition List (USML) and related technical data. ITAR requires, in a relevant part, that the materials covered (articles in the USML) can only be shared with U.S. persons who do not have a specific authorization or exemption. AWS manages AWS GovCloud (U.S.) regions with U.S. citizens and allows customers to design solutions in AWS GovCloud (U.S.) regions that contain ITAR data (taking due account of the customer`s shared compliance responsibility in export control). 9.5. Once AWS` import/export services are completed, we will send you the media and delete data from appliances or snowmobiles, if any. AWS GovCloud (U.S.) was designed to meet the specific regulatory and compliance requirements of U.S. government authorities at the federal, national and local levels, as well as by contractors, educational institutions and other U.S. customers who perform sensitive workloads in the cloud.

Beyond the insurance programs applicable to all AWS regions, the AWS GovCloud (U.S.) regions allow customers to comply with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and the U.S. Department of Defense`s Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (SRG). On the Compliance Programs page, you`ll find a complete list of U.S. compliance standards supported by AWS GovCloud. 59.7. Some communication services related to Alexa, such as the ability to send and receive messages. B calls and connect to other users (together „Alexa Communication“), are sold and provided by AMCS LLC („AMCS“), an affiliate of AWS, and not AWS, but are otherwise subject to the terms of the agreement. Your use of Alexa Communication is also subject to the Alexa Communication Use Guides which are part of these conditions. You, your end-users or other callers may be able to ask Alexa for Business to help with certain functions during a call, z.B. „Alexa, high volume“ and „Alexa, hang up.“ Some Alexa communication services are provided by our third-party providers and we can provide them with information, such as phone numbers, to provide these services.

Q. What types of customer service and support are provided to AWS GovCloud regions (U.S.)? 45.1. „AWS Professional Services“ is a consulting and consulting service provided by AWS as part of a Work Statement (SOW) to help you use other services. AWS professional services are „services“ for the purposes of the agreement. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides agencies and businesses with a cloud infrastructure web service platform. AWS allows you to enable you to enable computing, storage and other services and access a suite of secure, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure services, as required by your agency or business.

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